MSME DI, Mumbai

Managerial Consultancy Services

The Institute provides Management Consultancy to MSME Sector through Management Training Programmes, In-plant Consultancy Studies wherever required. Also Techno-Economic Studies and Appraisal of Project Reports for Banks and Financial are conducted at the request of concerned financial institution / banks.

The objective of Management Consultancy is to improve the managerial competency of the MSME Sector. The Management Development Programmes are conducted on various subjects like :

- Industrial Management,
- Marketing Management,
- Financial Management,
- Personnel Management & HRD,
- Taxation,
- Export Marketing,
- Export Management

To avail our services kindly contact the concerned department / officer by prior telephonic appointment on +91-22-28576090/3091/4305,
Fax : +91-22-28578092 email : dcdi-mumbai[at]dcmsme[dot]gov[dot]in.