MSME DI, Mumbai
Tender Inquiry for Purchase of Surface Grinding Machine.

Ref :     MSME-DI/Mum/Wshop/2014-15/                                                                                                                            Date : 23.03.2015


Tender Notice

Sealed Quotations are invited by Director, MSME-DI, Mumbai for the items described below. The technical specifications and price quoted must be submitted on or before 27th March, 2015 (before 03.00 pm). Taxes etc must be indicated separated.

Payment will be made only after supply of the machinery and successful installation & commissioning.

Proposed Surface Grinder Machine

Working Area
Longitudinal Axis grinding length : Min 1500mm
Cross axis movement                 : Min 700mm
Vertical axis movement              : Min 600mm
Machine Table
Table Size:
Length Min 1500 mm x width Min 700mm
With min three clamping slots
Electro-magnetic Chuck 1500 x 700 mm
Refer standard / alternative color combination
Machine labeling
Labelling, instructions, stickers in English.
Field of Application
The Machine will be used for the following applications:
Surface grinding of non-hardened and hardened steel, non-ferrous metals & tungsten carbide
Technical data
2.1. Table and axis movement
       Longitudinal table feed step less 7 – 25m/min
       Table cross movement
       Auto cross feed per stroke Min 0.25 – 20 mm
       Continuous feed   : 1250 mm/min.
       Hand wheel per graduation:  Min 0.02 mm
       Auto down feed increment : Min 0.005mm
       Hand wheel per graduation :  0.002mm
.2. Grinding machine electronic control unit
       Separate from machine body with separate
       stand or swivel stand.
       Least command increment  : 0.001mm
Selectable spark-out passes.
       Wheel head retract facility for convenient
       Work piece loading & unloading.
       Operating switches and control lamps.
       Demagnetizing switch
Max.rough feed grinding resolution is
             upto 0.1 mm per pass.
             Max.fine feed grinding resolution is up to
             0.02mm per pass.
Hydraulic Motor
                                    Power       : Min. 3.7 kw
Grinding wheel drive and flange adapting
       OD                          : Min 355 mm
       W                           :  Min 50 mm
       ID                           : 127 mm
       AC motor with speed : 1500 rpm
       Spindle Motor Power  :  Min 7.5 kW
Central lubrication system
       for longitudinal and cross axis
Electrical connection
       415 V, 50 cycles to VDE and DIN/IEC 28
       standards CE sign. Nominal values of
       electrical equipment refer to supply voltage
       not exceeding +/-6 – 10%.
Coolant system
       Automatic paper strip filter with magnetic separator and tank capacity min 100 liters or more including coolant pump
      Table movement straightness in
      longitudinal direction 0.02 mm/m.
      Table movement straightness in traverse
      Direction 0.02 mm/m.
      Vertical travel of wheel head square with
      Table in traverse plane 0.01mm/100mm


Right to reject any quotation without assigning any reason will be reserved with the Director.

MSME-Development Institute,