MSME Development Institute, Mumbai caters the various needs of MSME Sector. We provide assistance from prospective entrepreneurs to existing entrepreneurs. Gist of some of the important services that MSMEDI Mumbai provides are as under :

Technical Consultancy :
Technical Guidance, Identification & Preparation of Project Profiles / Reports, Selection of Equipment, Machinery & Raw Materials including layout, Technical Up-gradation / Quality Control, Technical Seminars / Workshops / Clinics.

The Office provides following Technical Consultancy Services offered as follows :
- Technical Guidance
- Identification & Preparation of Project Profiles / Reports.
- Selection of Equipment, Machinery & Raw Materials including layout
- Technical Up-gradation / Quality Control
- Technical Seminars / Workshops / Clinics
- Energy Conservation / Pollution Control.
- To prepare technical literature / papers etc
- Selection of Product and Location.
- Selection of Machinery & Technology
- Marketing / Finance Assistance
- Training Campaigns
- Training Programmes for Educated Unemployed Youths
- Management Development Programmes for Managers
- Use of Improved Manufacturing Technology / Design process
- Product Development
- Consultancy for Diversification

Managerial Consultancy :
This Office provides Management Consultancy to MSME Sector through various Management related Training Programmes. We also conduct In-plant Consultancy Studies wherever required. Techno-Economic Studies and Appraisal of Project Reports for Banks and Financial are done at the request of concerned financial institution / banks.

Entrepreneurship and Skill Development :
In order to encourage self-employment amongst the educated unemployed youths, Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes (EAPs), Management Development Programmes (MDPs) and Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programmes (ESDPs) are conducted in Urban and Rural Areas under the jurisdiction of MSME-DI, Mumbai.

State Champions Control Room (SCCR) :
MSME Development & Facilitation Office, Mumbai has a full fledged State Champions Control Room (SCCR) which handles the grievances received from MSMEs through CHAMPIONS MSME Portal.

Export Facilitation Cell (EFC) :
This Office provides assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises for promotion of their Exports. It provides assistance to MSMEs in exploring Export Market and disseminates export related information to them. The Office works in close coordination with various Export Promotion Councils and other related Institutions like Indian Institution of Packaging, Director General of Foreign Trade and Director General etc.